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深浦海岸-Fukaura seashore 笹川流れ-Sasagawanagare
The photograph of the setting sun
The time zone of the setting sun
◆ About MICHINOEKI ◆ 道の駅マーク-Michinoeki mark 道の駅マーク-Michinoeki mark 道の駅マーク-Michinoeki mark 道の駅マーク-Michinoeki mark 道の駅マーク-Michinoeki mark
Michinoeki Sasagawanagare YUHIKAIKAN was registered into "MICHINOEKI" by the Road Bureau chief notification on February 23, 1993 based on the application of a Sanpoku town.
"MICHINOEKI" was built in response to assistance of Niigata Prefecture in [ of the Heisei 4 fiscal year to the Heisei 5 fiscal year ] two years. The purpose is attaining activation of an area by promotion of industry, and creation of employment. This building is carried out the theme [ the "setting sun" of the Sea of Japan (Sasagawanagare) ].It is the sightseeing base institution of a Sanpoku town. And tourist attractions and the tourist attractions which are attaining the network are the sea, a mountain, and a river. And introduction and advertisement of sightseeing information are carried out. And local resources are utilized and sale of a specialty, PR, and local culinary specialties are offered. 道の駅笹川流れ外観写真-Appearance of Michinoeki Sasagawanagare
A souvenir store, a tourist information center, a JR Kuwagawa station, and a dining-room are located in this building. YUHI stairs and a mini park are out of a building.
It is the building which has a new form also in Michinoeki Sasagawanagare and national "MICHINOEKI." It constructs in a national highway No. 345 line from an institution, there is a bridge, and it has annexed with the JR Kuwagawa station further.
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